A Brief Description of Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls (Havasupai Falls) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bodies of water in southwest United States. If you have an upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon, do not forget to pay this attraction a visit. The Havasu Falls is located in Havasupai Indian Reservation, a remote area situated…

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The Benefits Of Searching For Car Insurance Quotes Online

Owning a car can be very advantageous; however it does present with some annoyances, such as regular maintenance and purchasing car insurance. Of course, regular maintenance and purchasing car insurance are tasks completed only once a year making them easy to withstand. One of the greatest problems with car insurance…


Maintaining Focus

I feel like I have a tendency to start a blog post with a “realization.” Here’s the thing, I’m the type of person that can realize something 100 times, something completely contradictory to what I’ve thought before, etc…and be SO pumped and on board with it. I had previously thought…


Upcoming Adventure Alert!

Sometimes I get caught up in myself. I somehow get caught up in my past, present, and future all rolled into one. October is the month of awesome, I’ve decided. I’m really doing my best to stay positive and think positively about myself and different situations I encounter. It’s going…


30 Days of Thanks: The Beginning

Well hello there, strangers! October and this blog just didn’t seem destined to be. And I am 100% totally okay with that. But I’m here again! So happy November to all of you! Let me just get one thing perfectly clear around here: it is NOT the C-word season yet….


Picking A Travel Adventure

Hello again, blog world! Blogging on Friday seems to be working for me a lot. Theoretically, I’d like to make it a bit more frequent. Life is in the way though, so I’ll take what I can get! That life, while still throwing me curve balls out the wazoo, has…


The Morning Project

There is no surprise that I’ve got a lot of ambition recently. A lot of directed ambition? Not necessarily. But a lot of ambition nonetheless. Lately, I’ve been having a rough time finding the energy to follow up with all of it. I feel tired and run down, so I…