Maintaining Focus

I feel like I have a tendency to start a blog post with a “realization.” Here’s the thing, I’m the type of person that can realize something 100 times, something completely contradictory to what I’ve thought before, etc…and be SO pumped and on board with it. I had previously thought that because I’m not traveling right now, I shouldn’t be a travel blog. In theory, that makes sense, no?

go somewhere


Too bad that’s where all of the passion for my life and this blog is. I know I’m having a hard time getting through life right now. Yada yada yada. Paul likes to tell me that I’m lacking in a goal and a focus. As much as this irks me to no end to admit, he’s right. I have vague ideas of adventure floating around in my head. But nothing I’m doing on a day-to-day basis (including blogging) is adding up to that final goal right now. When boyfriends gained insight, I’m not sure. But he’s right and that probably explains why I’m so dang moody.

So that’s changing. This blog you’re reading right now is getting a mental revamp. Blog school is helping me a lot with that. If only I had mountains of time to dedicate to it, then we’d be getting somewhere. But I digress. That’s the point. I’m flipping my priorities around and really figuring out what I can do to finally FINALLY be happy in my day-to-day. I really, truly want to blog about travel because that’s what I love talking about. And so, my friends, that’s what you’re going to read about.

travel quote

I’m going to be a book, dangit.

To the naysayers who are shaking their heads at a “travel blogger” blogging when she’s staying put in Philadelphia…phooey on you. Have you ever heard of wanderlust? I’m suffering heavily from it, and this might be my only cure. What can you expect to see? Highlights and round-ups of places that catch my eye. Local adventures, especially with Fall creeping up on us (although I guess it’s here…so it’s not creeping anymore). Cures for the sit-still crazies! Pictures, because Lord knows I love pictures in blog posts.

And so that’s where I stand. I don’t see myself changing my mind about this a thousand times down the road either (I hope). So. Yes. TRAVEL. Because even Buzzfeed says so.

How do you maintain your focus, whatever that focus may be?