The Morning Project

There is no surprise that I’ve got a lot of ambition recently. A lot of directed ambition? Not necessarily. But a lot of ambition nonetheless. Lately, I’ve been having a rough time finding the energy to follow up with all of it. I feel tired and run down, so I just give up. Sounds fascinatingly conducive to succeeding, am I right?

Philadelphia Marathon Cheer Section

You need energy to cheer! Sometimes I have it!

I can’t go and change everything about my day all at once. I’ve learned that “complete overhauls” don’t work really well for me. They do for about a minute, until I get overwhelmed. Sounds familiar, yeah? Paul and I wake up and rush around the house like chickens with our freaking heads cut off in the morning. I’ve noticed that starting my day in a crappy way doesn’t help the situation at all.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a morning person, but here’s a list of some things I’m gonna try out!Share what’s worked for you, will ya? I’m desperate!

  • Sit and think. I hesitate so, so greatly to call this meditation. Because that’s a big word that scares me, dude. But I like to think to myself in the morning. I focus on bringing the happy in and breathing the negative out. I love it, but most of the time I just do it with my eyes closed…and that turns into a snooze session. Small change: Sit up and think! I’m not going to get crazy and go downstairs or anything. But sitting up might prevent me from falling asleep again.
  • Work out. I’ve been slacking on my early morning workouts. And I’m paying for the place, jeez. They have a $25 cancellation fee, which usually convinces me to go. However…I’ve been loop-holing the wazoo out of this one but just not signing up. Lame. Small change:SIGN UP, duh. Lord knows, I am not paying $25 for my lazy butt not getting out of bed. So it should be the motivation I need.
  • Just stay disconnected. Usually, my alarm goes off and then I go through a routine of e-mail-facebook-twitter. Paul does the same, only minus the Twitter. I’m not going to make miracles happen and cut out the snooze button, but I can hold on to no technology a little longer. I promise I’ll get to it eventually in the day, but I don’t need to interrupt my morning hours. Small change: Turn the alarm off, then turn the phone off!
  • Watch what I eat. I’m not talking dieting, here. Please, do you know me? I’m one of those lucky ones that can NOT skip breakfast. I love it! What I do skip is delicious fruit that I could be rocking in the morning. And I LOVE fruit! I’m just a lazy bum who doesn’t go to the grocery stuff often enough. Small change: BUY SOME BANANAS! (And other fruits too, don’t worry.)

SO PUMPED FOR MORNINGS! Er. Well. I don’t know if I can quite say that yet. But here’s hoping!

What does your morning routine consist of?